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Please note that the only complete changelog of all changes is the raw git history, as available on GitHub. Several small or less important changes may not be mentioned in these release notes. Especially small bug fixes are usually excluded from these release notes, to keep them concise and readable.

Release notes for MyTimetable versions are available as subpages of this page. When reading the release notes, some things should be kept in mind:

  • Every MyTimetable customer instance is unique: not all features are used by all customers. If you feel a certain feature is missing from your instance but could be useful for your institution, please contact our support department.
  • MyTimetable uses a branched version model. A 'MyTimetable version' reflects a certain branch, and bugfixes are continuously added to applicable branches. This means that a certain bugfix that is mentioned in the release notes may or may not be included in your specific MyTimetable instance. Details on this can be retrieved from our support department or from the detailed changelog on GitHub. Generally, we can update a MyTimetable instance to include the latest bugfixes within a release branch without further user or acceptance testing by a customer (just drop us an email). Version/branch upgrades involve new features, and thus require customer acceptance testing.

More details about our versioning model are available on our blog.

Release notes by version


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