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  • Service messages — Service messages can be added through the administrative panel and are shown to the end-users in the desktop and mobile interface. They can be used to announce maintenance or instruct users about other important events. In the future, the same interface will be used for an overview of all notifications.
  • Better export download dialog — The dialog shown when exporting a selection of timetables has been improved. The presets shows depend on the context and the default date range selection matches the date range shown in the web interface.
  • Help page improvements — Various texts in the help page have been improved and updated for the new Apple iOS version. Also, the iCalendar and mobile synchronisation options are only shown to authenticated users now, to make it possible to tailor the page to the access permissions of the user.
  • Syllabus Plus staff timetables show modules in subscription list — A staff timetable will show all modules the staff member has activities for. Modules were already shown for student set and programme of study timetables, and have been added to the staff timetables.
  • Support for Syllabus Plus 'section' timetables — The Syllabus Plus provider can now show a 'section' timetable, consisting of all activities attached to a section.
  • Support for Scientia Exam Scheduler — Student exam timetables can be fetched directly from the Scientia Exam Scheduler database.
  • iCalendar history limited to 12 weeks — To ensure a consistent performance for end users, iCalendar-feeds have been limited to 12 weeks history. On request, this setting can be changed to another value, but we recommend keeping it at the default for the best performance. 
  • External calendar sync: remove 'stop sync and leave activities' option — The option to stop the external calendar synchronisation to Exchange/Office 365/Google without removing activities in the future has been removed from the user interface. There is no good use case for this option and it only leads to users ending up with multiple copies of activities in their calendar.
  • Automated warning for test and acceptance environments — The site, iCalendar feeds and calendar integrations now automatically show a warning if the user is visiting a non-production MyTimetable instance. This warning informs users of possible outdated timetables.
  • Status
     Admin: detailed request statistics — Eveoh managed hosting customer can view detailed statistics on the number of requests, response times and external calendar synchronisations in the administrative panel.
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  • Admin: user listing and impersonation feature — In the administrative interface, a list of all users, a user details page and an user impersonation feature were added. These features aim to improve end user support by customer's support desk.
  • Admin: Piwik statistics added — For customers using Piwik, it is now possible to embed the Piwik statistics in the administrative panel.
  • Mobile: manual iCal-feed details — The mobile interface now shows the link to the iCalendar-feed and gives the user the option copy this link and connect the iCalendar-feed manually.
  • Mobile: improved titles — Titles of various mobile pages have been improved (e.g., the timetable search now shows the type of timetable the user is searching for).
  • Mobile: search button — A search button was added to the input fields in the mobile interface.
  • Mobile: link to help page — A link to the help page was added to the mobile interface.
  • Mobile cookie handling — If a user chooses to use the desktop interface instead of the mobile interface, this setting will be persisted on the device in a cookie. This feature broke in a previous MyTimetable version and has been restored.
  • Out-of-the-box support for Syllabus Plus activities with attached OSIRIS data — The groups from OSIRIS ('werkvormen' and 'toetsen') can be automatically shown in MyTimetable. This was already the case at certain customer sites, but the implementation has now been moved to the main repository, improving maintainability. 
  • Audit logging — Audit logging was added to the administrative panel, which shows important actions by users and administrators (impersonation, user deletion and synchronisation start and stop). The audit log is kept for 90 days.