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Parameter nameParameter meaning


true to not show a warning if a specified timetable was not found.


true to not show a warning if there are no activities to display for a specified timetable.
requireLogintrue to require the user to login.

Selects the view to display, one of the following values:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • list
  • list_location
  • availability
localeLocale to use, short 2 letter notation (en, nl).
exportSubscriptionListtrue to enable the export of the list of subscriptions by default.
startDateDate to start the calendar at, format yyyy-MM-dd. By default, the calendar starts at the current date, or the date of the first scheduled activity, whichever is later.
zoneviewtrue to show the location view.

Chooses the concurrency highlighting option in the list view: (MyTimetable 3.1+)

  • normal (no highlighting)
  • highlight (highlight concurrency)
  • filter (only show concurrent activities)

true to ignore concurrency within the same course/module (MyTimetable 3.1+).


Host key of the term or named availability to pre-select in the list view (MyTimetable 3.1+).

Prefix with <dataSource name>: to select the term of a specific source.


true to enable the 'show personal timetable' option by default (requireLogin should be true or login should be required by default for this to work).

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