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The indexing scripts should have no negative impact on other applications. Several indexes are added to improve read performance. Write performance will be lower, but usually the ScheduledExtract.exe process is the only process to write to the ERDB.

Scheduled Extract settings

Please make sure the scheduled extract is running in transactional mode (/T command-line switch). This should be the case for full and incremental extracts (even though Scientia documentation says incremental extracts run in a transaction by default, which is not true).

Please make sure the SQL Server database is running in read committed snapshot mode, by running the following command on the database:

Code Block

This prevents blocking of reads during a full extract.

Version 3.1.x

The 3.1 ERDB requires a fix to include the last activity instance of the last scheduled activity. Also, to support jointly taught activities and variant activities, the activity parent<>child information has to be included in the reporting database. To improve performance, an indexing script is available. These scripts can be found in the Git repository at