The following additions and changes were made in the Echo 2019 releases, listed from new to old. For significant new features or important changes, a link to a separate blog post will be available.

Echo is the notification component of MyTimetable and takes care of processing, storing and communicating messages to students and staff.

VersionTypeDescriptionMore info
2019.5 (2019-11-08)

Remove support for Sender header, but keep 'mail from' support

Add X-Auto-Response-Suppress to emails
2019.4 (2019-11-07)

Document API for retrieving events sent through webhooks

Send incoming notifications to webhook consumers

Store sent webhook events in database

GET endpoint to retrieve event

Webhook custom authentication header support

RestTemplate timeouts are not being configured correctly

Redis unavailability causes CPU overload

Logstash config is missing file appender

Notifications in Webhook call contain incorrectly serialized timestamp

Upgrade Spring Boot to v2.2

Replace deprecated SizeAndTimeBasedFNATP in Logback config

Upgrade Gradle to 5.6

Upgrade SonarQube Gradle Plugin to 2.7.1

Upgrade Spring Boot to 2.1.7

Upgrade logstash-logback-encoder to v6.1

Upgrade jmespath-jackson to 0.3.x
2019.3 (2019-07-25)

Tweak schema of notifications

AdoptOpenJDK 11 compatibility

Update IntelliJ configs for 2019.1 / make it work

Upgrade to Gradle 5

Upgrade Guava

Upgrade Jackson

2019.2 (2019-05-22)

Spring Boot upgrade

Adjust Postgres pool size

2019.1 (2019-03-21)

Missing notification